"...vibrating...", a wood and sound installation
Wooden objects: Gabriel Maiguashca

A construction made of a massive wooden object (an animal? a ghost? a human?), which is attached to four corners of a cubical metal frame (approximately 2.20m each side) with oscillating metal springs. When the object is jolted it swings freely for about 3 minutes until it comes to a stop again. Desirably, the visitors of the installation keep jolting the object, so it never halts. A sound pick-up is mounted to each end of the four attachments, which makes the mechanical frictions of the movements audible. This generates a four-channel rhythm, which sounds in 4 speakers. The audio signals can additionally be transformed into electric tensions, which operate voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCA). Through this, a “music” that supplies the amplifier can be heard with the rhythmics of the object. Video cameras project the movement of the object to the walls. The room starts resonating, and that in phase with the wooden object.


In addition, there are other wooden objects set up, which can be played ad-lib. The visitors can use the central swinging object (an animal? a ghost? a human?) to make music or simply play together.